"As a woman in business, I know that making a great visual impression is incredibly important so I've scoured the market with an editor's eye (literally looking through thousands of products) to find chic and unique products that are innovative and stylish but keep your budget in check."- Alia Ahmed-Yahia, Founder

In today's visual world, the way you present yourself is everything. Your style is your first impression and your lasting memory.  Before our founder, Alia, started her own marketing agency to help women scale their business ideas, she was a previous editor of ELLE Magazine, Chief Style Director of LOFT/Ann Taylor and a regular on E! News and TODAY as a Style Expert.

The Stylepreneur strives to be your one-stop shop to find stylish, clever products that make you standout, instantly impress, evoke confidence, and amplify your potential in business while maximizing your spend.  We're always sleuthing Instagram and monitoring major design trends to look for products that blend great looking design with modern solutions.  

Women today have so many layered responsibilities, so we feel it’s important to address style as more than what you wear.  Where you “work” and how you take care of your mind and body, 100% affects your energy, mood and productivity.  That’s why you’ll find self care, office/home décor and other clever timesavers on our site too!

Whether you work a corporate gig, are running a side hustle, just starting up your own biz, "your style" is your superpower- it's free, you already have it, so why not access it to set you apart in today's competitive, visual world?

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In good style,